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Review the lastest issue of the Catalyst Connections, an online tool featuring articles, activity worksheets, and related resources to help advocates strengthen our gender analysis to support our prevention work in our communities.

Volume 3, Issue 2: Promoting Gender Respect: Engaging Men & Boys in Teen Dating Violence Prevention 

This issue of the Catalyst Connections provides highlights of the work of two organizations which used a strategy called Promoting Gender Respect (PGR) as part of their prevention efforts. This strategy was designed to develop and support the leadership skills of middle school boys to respond to and prevent gendered bullying and sexual and dating violence. In order to support the leadership of middle school boys, additional strategies of partnering with organizations and engaging influential adults were also developed.

Volume 3, Issue 1: Because We Have Daughters: Implementing and Adapting a Model Program 

This issue of the Catalyst Connections provides reflections on the train-the-trainer workshop for the Because We Have Daughters program provided by TC-TAT and Men Stopping Violence in spring 2014 in Oakland, CA. 

Volume 2, Issue 1: Building Beloved Community 

This issue of the Catalyst Connections provides ideas, successes, and challenges on incorporating the princiles of Beloved Community in violence against women prevention work from the peer learning discussion on April 29, 2013 hosted by TC-TAT along with Aimee Thompson Arevalo, Close to Home; and Cristy Chung, Asian and Pacific  Islander Insitute on Domestic Violence.

Volume 1, Issue 3: Disability, Disability Justice & Shared Values with Prevention 

This issue of the Catalyst Connections provides insights and recommendations for advancing domestic and sexual violence prevention efforts through disability justices from the peer learning discussion hosted by TC-TAT via teleconference in December 2011. Peer learning participants included: Naomi Ortiz, Freelance Consultant specializing in disability justice in Tucson, AZ; Marsha Saxton, World Institute on Disability; Sarah Triano, Silicon Valley Independent Living Center.

Volume 1, Issue 2: Reframing Evaluation as a Tool for Social Justice & Community Empowerment

This issue of the Catalyst Connections provides insights from advocates who have engaged in challenging traditional evaluation practices with their violence against women work. Participants included: Alisa Del Tufo, Threshold Collaborative; Miho Kim, DataCenter; Mimi Kim, Creative Interventions; Aimee Thompson-Aravelo, Close to Home; and Maria Elena Torre, The Public Science Project.

Volume 1, Issue 1: Building our Intersectional Gender Analysis

This issue of the Catalyst Connections provides insights and recommended resources links from the peer discussion hosted by TC-TAT via teleconference on October 18th, 2011 with the participation of 6 VAW advocates with experience in including a gender analysis in their prevention work.  Peer learning participants included: Paula Arrowsmith Jones, North Coast Rape Crisis Team; Cristy Chung, Prevention Consultant; Lisa Hoffman, Prevention Consultant; ramesh kathanadhi, Men Stopping Violence; Amy Scharf, Prevention Consultant/Former National Program Director at GroundSpark; and Alison Tudor, Mountain Crisis Services. 

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