Imagine a World Without Domestic Violence

Imagine waking up to find yourself in a world where....

  • women and girls walk outside at night without feeling afraid.
  • parents know that their daughters and sons will be given equal opportunities to succeed at school, to advance their careers, and to take on leadership roles in business, non-profit and government sectors of society. 
  • children and teens see images of powerful, intelligent, vibrant women on television, in movie theatres, in music videos, advertisements, and in the news.
  • men and boys are free from gender role stereotyping.
  • each person knows they will always be treated with dignity and respect by their intimate partner.

What will it take to make these visions of a safe and just world for women and girls a reality

As in the highly successful campaign launched by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), grassroots community organizing methods and strategies are being used to build a broad-based movement in the U.S. to end gender-based violence. The common element of all the successful social movements of the last few decades--the civil rights movement, the environmental movement, and women's movement--is that ordinary individuals identified social problems and mobilized community support to introduce needed changes in laws, social norms and individual behaviors.

This module offers a set of Tips & Tools for using community organizing methods--in particular, the Community Action Team model--to build a movement to end domestic violence.