Toolkit: One in Spirit

One in Spirit- Online Publication & Resource
One in Spirit: Domestic Violence Advocates and Faith and Spiritual Leaders Working in Partnership to End Domestic Violence

Online Publication & Resource strives to capture the rich dialogue, successes, lessons learned and strategic questions from Transforming Communities’ involvement in over 8 years of domestic violence prevention in faith and spiritual communities, as well as the knowledge gathered from the 2010 Transfer of Knowledge Gathering (ToK). This publication contains: 
• Community-based experiences;
• Exercises and activities that can be easily tailored and replicated;
• Listing of organizations who have expertise in domestic violence and faith prevention efforts; and
• Downloadable tools and resources.

One in Spirit documents and tools include: 

  • Youth Radio's Video of the event - Partnering with Youth Radio was a powerful way to creatively document the stories of faith leaders and DV advocates while modeling youth leadership for change.
  • Youth Radio's Tactic Workshop - Youth Radio presented a workshop on Tactics for Engaging Youth at the event .
  • Spectrum of Faith Community Change - Provides real-life examples of domestic violence prevention projects implemented by local teams of faith leaders and advocates across California, including success stories, lessons learned, and referrals to resources and materials.
  • Faith Roadmap - A guide for faith leaders and advocates to help build prevention partnerships in their communities with critical questions related to partnership building and joint strategic planning.
  • Collaboratives for Community Change (CCC): Strengthening Partnerships Between DV Advocates and Faith Communities Project:
         Cohort 1 Project Outcomes
         Cohort 2 Project Outcomes
         Evaluation Plan Template
         Case studies
  • "Practicing Transformation: Keeping the Spirit of Prevention Alive"
          Catalyst 2010 - An article from TC-TAT's resource newsletter
  • List of ToK Participant Organizations
  • 5 Indicators of Social Change Cards
  • Faith in Violence Free Families Workbook -This project is funded by the California Department of Public Health Violence Prevention Unit and administered by TC-TAT.  For more information, please contact