Toolkit: Community Connections

Prevention work, at its core, is tending to the soil of community engagement. We have a responsibility to dialogue with and support community members to define, embrace, and practice values of equality, respect, and healthy relationships. In partnership with our communities, we also need to ask:  To whom is our prevention work accountable?  Who are the marginalized groups in our community that we have not yet reached out to?  How can we better understand their experiences, build real relationships, and work collaboratively to achieve our common vision of safety and justice?
We invite you to explore some of these community-engagement resources:

Connecting with Our Communities: A Peer Dialogue on
Community Engagement Work to Prevent Violence against Women

Community-based activists are working in diverse communities in California and represent organizations that may or may not have dedicated funding for prevention work. TC-TAT hosted a peer dialogue among prevention advocates in order to:

  • Explore and refine a critical analysis of what it means to do community engagement work around prevention.
  • Share successful strategies, challenges and advice, including how to do in-depth community engagement work with limited resources.

This resource was funded by the California Emergency Management Agency. Click here to review.