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*New Online Resources*

"Participatory Action Research: Unlocking the Knowledge, Experience, and Insight of People, Orgnaizations, and Communities to Promote Justice and Equality" Presented by Alisa Del Tufo - Alisa Del Tufo provides a brief overview of Participatory Action Research (PAR) and the projects that were developed as a result of the April 2013 workshop hosted by TC-TAT.

"Building Beloved Community: Facilitator Guide",  Developed by TC-TAT, this guide builds upon the work completed thus far by organizations who have integrated the Building Beloved Community principles into their prevention efforts. The guide contains information and tools to help you get started in integrated thses principles into your own work.


TC-TAT Series: Learning From Our Communities

"Determined to Survive: CUAV Stories - Question and Answer Viewing Guide" with the staff of Community United Against Violence (CUAV)

"Working with Native American Communities", Presented by: Lynda Smallenberger, Executive Director, Kene Me-Wu Family Healing Center, American Indian Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Program

Updated 8/13/14 - "Using Promotoras in Domestic Violence and Teen Dating Violence Prevention", by Ana Paula Noguez Mercado (Former MALDEF Domestic Violence Prevention Program Coordinator)*

*Our apologies to our readers, but due to human error the copy of "Using Promotoras in Domestic Violence and Teen Dating Violence Prevention" posted on 8/12/14 was still in draft form. Please use the newly established link above to view the finalized version.


New Catalyst Connections - Online Tool

Review the lastest issue of the Catalyst Connections, a new online tool featuring articles, activity worksheets, and related resources to help advocates strengthen our gender analysis to support our prevention work in our communities.

"Building Beloved Community"

"Strengthening Our Intersectional Gender Analysis"

"Reframing Evaluation as a Tool for Social Justice & Community Empowerment"

"Disability, Disability Justice & Shared Values in Prevention"


One in Spirit: Domestic Violence Advocates and Faith/Spiritual Leaders Working in Partnership to End Domestic Violence
This resource  captures the rich dialogue, successes, lessons learned and strategic questions from TC-TAT’s involvement in over 8 years of domestic violence prevention in faith and spiritual communities, as well as the knowledge gathered from the 2010 Transfer of Knowledge Gathering.

Catalyst Newsletters
The Catalyst is a prevention resource developed by TC-TAT to advance critical thinking and reflection about current issues and trends in the violence against women prevention movement.

User's Guide: Making the Case for Domestic Violence Prevention Using a Cost-Effectiveness Framework
This guide helps advocates gain a basic understanding of cost-effectiveness principles and with hands on tools to "make the case" for your prevention program to funders, supporters, and the community.


A free online toolkit for starting a community action team. Let INSTIGATE! open doors to new resources and opportunities to create change in your community.

Snapshots: A Picture of California’s Domestic Violence Prevention Services for Underserved Communities
This document highlights innovative programs in California that are transforming communities by integrating domestic violence prevention into unserved and underserved communities. Snapshots contains introductory information for a total of sixty-five different programs in California. The programs vary in size, scope, history and strategy. This updated version provides a view of the progress being made to end domestic violence in our multicultural state.

Spanish Selections
TC-TAT announces new Spanish Selections from our popular How to Facilitate a Community Action Team (CAT) Handbook. These translated CAT pieces can be downloaded and used by Domestic Violence Organization staff and volunteers, community activists and community educators in their work to transform communities by creating safety, equality and justice for all community members.