Programs & Services

TC-TAT's learning center is based on three strategies:
Build Local Capacity and Leadership
Collaborate to Inform and Strengthen the Movement
Deepen and Sustain Our Impact

Prevention Trainings
TC-TAT’s prevention trainings, workshops, and webinars are grounded in both social movement theory and direct application learning. TC-TAT offers opportunities for advocates to engage in peer learning and apply tools, including prevention action plans for their communities. Topics are differentiated to meet participants at various skill levels and community contexts.

Ongoing Technical Assistance 
Critical prevention work occurs when advocates return to their communities. TC-TAT offers extensive hands-on, ongoing technical assistance to support advocates with the integration and implementation of prevention strategies into their organizations and communities.

Communities of Practice
To enhance peer learning opportunities across geographic boundaries, TC-TAT fosters "communities of practice," to promote dialogue, shared support, and information exchange.

TC-TAT Resource Center
Practitioners have access to and can obtain the latest prevention products, toolkits, and publications to support their prevention agenda. TC-TAT distributes and/or sells various materials and curricula through our online Resource Center.