Prevention Tools

TC-TAT has provided a directory of domestic violence prevention resources, including trainer guides, curricula, community action team toolkits, media advocacy guides, videos, and other related tools.



Abuse and Women With Disabilities
This article reviews highlights from research studies on abuse of women with disabilities and offers recommendations for making programs more accessible.

An Advocate's Guide To Full Faith and Credit For Orders of Protection
This guide offers a concise explanation of federal laws requiring nationwide enforcement of orders of protection for survivors of domestic violence.

A Police Officer's Guide When In Contact With People Who Have Mental Retardation
This brochure offers helpful tips for police on how to communicate effectively and clearly with people with mental retardation in arrest and victim assistance situations.


bell hooks: Cultural Criticism and Transformation
Sexist and racist messages embedded in media and popular culture are exposed by scholar Bell Hooks in this video designed to teach students how to think critically about media and values.

Beyond Killing Us Softly: The Strength To Resist
A powerful tool for women activists and teachers, this video examines the degrading messages in contemporary advertising that undermine girls health and self image... and why men should care too.

Break The Silence On Domestic Violence Action Kit
Calling for broad public participation, this action kit for Sacramento residents offers a wealth of practical strategies for preventing domestic violence.

Bullying In Schools
This guide provides school administrators, parents, teachers and police with information about bullying and examples of effective strategies for reducing and preventing bullying in schools.


Community Change: How To Tell and Sell Your Story
Using media to advocate creatively and provocatively for low-income communities is the focus of this special newsletter from the Center for Community Change based in Washington D.C..

Community Policing To Reduce and Prevent Violence Against Women: Training Curriculum and Resource Guide
This curriculum uses engaging, interactive exercises to train law enforcement and advocacy professionals in applying community policing principles to crimes against women in their own communities.

Confronting Domestic Violence: Effective Police Response
Two model law enforcement protocols "for New York and Pennsylvania" are featured in this manual for training law enforcement officers in responding to domestic violence calls.

Counting Our Victories: Popular Education and Organizing
This training guide on popular education and organizing contains practical resources to help grassroots groups build their organizational capacity, strengthen their initiatives, and work together more effectively with other groups.

Count To Ten Action Kit
Designed as part of a county-wide domestic violence prevention campaign in Fresno County, this kit invites community members and business leaders to participate in community activities aimed at preventing domestic violence.

Creating Access: Serving Survivors of Sexual Assault With Disabilities
This packet includes information and training materials designed to help sexual assault and domestic violence programs become better informed about disability issues, terms, history and resources.


The Deadly Connection: Facts On Domestic Violence For Drug and Alcohol Counselors
This slender brochure spells out key issues that substance abuse counselors need to be aware of in order to intervene effectively with clients involved in domestic violence situations.

Domestic Violence: A Handbook For Journalists
This handbook offers tips and strategies for re-framing media coverage of domestic violence homicides to better expose the dynamics of abusive power and control that can lead to murder.

Domestic Violence: A National Curriculum For Children's Protective Services
This thoughtful, well-organized training manual makes it easy for children's protective service workers to gain a solid understanding of the links between child abuse and domestic violence.

Domestic Violence and Women With Disabilities
Adapted for women with disabilities, this brochure describes the dynamics of relationship abuse and unique power and control tactics used against people with disabilities.

Domestic Violence Arrests: Beyond The Obvious
This training video and curriculum set use interactive exercises to help law enforcement officers identify the "primary" or "dominant" aggressor in domestic violence situations.

Domestic Violence In Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Bisexual Communities
This train-the-trainers manual provides materials for conducting an intensive eight-hour workshop on abuse in lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual (LGTB) relationships, with emphasis on understanding the service barriers and unique kinds of safety risks that LGTB individuals encounter.

Domestic Violence: The Law Enforcement Response
Engaging and well-designed curriculum package for law enforcement trainers on responding to domestic violence calls.

Domestic Violence Toolkit
This "start-up" kit for doctors' offices and health care clinics includes tasteful domestic violence awareness posters and pocket cards for patients and a reference guide for physicians and staff.


Effective Intervention In Domestic Violence and Child Maltreatment Cases: Guidelines For Policy and Practice
This detailed set of policy and practice recommendations provides a blueprint for building collaborative court, community and social service system responses to domestic violence and child abuse.

Evaluation Guidebook For Projects Funded by S.T.O.P. Formula Grants Under The Violence Against Women Act
This guidebook explores a number of topics related to evaluating community-policing and coordinated community response programs that focus on ending domestic violence. They include working with a logic model, using evaluation information, assessing community collaborations, and much more.


First Response To Victims Of Crime 2001
This handbook helps law enforcement officers better understand and meet the needs of crime victims, especially those who have experienced interpersonal violence or abuse.

Flirting Or Hurting?
This well-planned, flexible curriculum gives junior and senior high teachers an engaging set of resources for addressing student-to-student sexual harassment.


Gender Violence, Gender Justice
This interdisciplinary teaching guide uses literary and historical works to stimulate class discussion and activities related to harassment, gender bias, and building relationship skills.

Guidelines For Physicians On The Abuse Of Women With Disabilities
Tips on screening patients with disabilities for historical indicators or physical evidence of abuse are summarized in this information sheet for doctors and health care workers.


Health Resource Packets
This series of information packets offers research articles, protocols, and other practical resources designed to enhance the response of health care professionals to domestic violence.


Impact: Feature Issue On Violence Against Women With Developmental Or Other Disabilities
Research, public policy and prevention perspectives are brought to bear on the problem of violence against women with developmental disabilities in this special edition of Impact.

Including Women With Disabilities
New fact sheets and guidelines on including women with disabilities in Domestic Violence Awareness Month activities are available in this free information packet.

Intimate Partner Violence And Sexual Assault: A Guide To Training Materials And Programs For Health Care Providers
This guide offers descriptive reviews of a selected set of training resources for educating health care professionals about domestic violence and sexual assault intervention.

Investigation and Prosecution of Domestic Violence
This manual provides a wealth of legal and procedural information for attorneys involved with prosecuting domestic violence, stalking and sexual assault crimes within California.

Best Practices: Innovative Domestic Violence Programs In Health Care Settings
A brief history of how domestic violence gained prominence in the health care field is featured in this manual, along with model health care programs and campaigns from around the country.

In Touch With Teens: A Relationship Violence Prevention Curriculum For Youth Ages 12-19
Issues connected with gender-based violence are examined in conjunction with other forms of oppression in this timely and relevant curriculum.

It Ain't Love
This gritty, impassioned video follows the struggles of a young, multi-ethnic improvisational theatre group working to understand teen dating violence.

It Is Your Business: Community Action Kit
Members of the African American community are encouraged to transform domestic violence from a private family matter into a community-wide concern - everybody's business - in this resource-rich kit.


Kid & Teen Safe: An Abuse Prevention Program For Youth With Disabilities
This document describes a special school-based program for addressing abuse and violence against children and teens with disabilities designed by the SafePlace Disability Services ASAP project.


Love - All That And More
Youth talk frankly about dating, sex, love and commitment in this engaging new curriculum and three-video set focused on preventing abuse and creating healthy relationships.


Making Policy, Making Change: How Communities Are Taking Law Into Their Own Hands
This guide describes strategies for grassroots organizing, political analysis and practical tips for using media to shape, change and construct public policy.

Mapping A Path For Evaluation: A Planning Guide (Second Edition)
This planning and evaluation guide was designed specifically for organizations that work with girls and young women, but is equally useful for evaluating other types of community programs.

Marin County Law Enforcement Protocol
This protocol for California law enforcement officers offers a concise, up-to-date set of procedures and checklists for responding to domestic violence calls. (PDF)

Maternal And Child Health Journal: Special Issue On Violence And Reproductive Health
Research studies examining the relationships between women's reproductive health and their exposure to various forms of abuse are presented, along with recommendations for new research and policy directions.

Media Access Guide For Non-Profit Organizations
Tips for getting events and public service messages aired on local television, cable and radio programs are featured in this free guide from KRON TV 4 in San Francisco.

Media Activist Tool Kit: Challenging Myths & Stereotypes In The News
Monitoring and responding to biased reporting of social issues by the news media is the special focus of FAIR's free tool kit for activists.

Media How-To Guidebook
Practical formulas for getting good media coverage and understanding corporate ownership are highlighted in this how-to guide from Media Alliance.

Media Outreach Made Easy: An Advocate's Guide To Working With The Press
Designed specifically to introduce domestic violence advocates to media advocacy work, this free guide from the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence covers all the basics.

Meeting At The Crossroads: Cross Training Between Mental Health & Sexual Assault / Domestic Violence Service Providers
This video features social service professionals discussing the need for cross-training among service providers working with women with relationship abuse, mental health, and substance abuse issues.


Neighbor To Neighbor Domestic Violence Action Kit
This action kit includes a step-by-step guide and resource materials for hosting a neighborhood meeting to raise awareness and create "domestic violence-free zones" in the local community.

News For A Change: An Advocate's Guide To Working With The Media
Using media strategically as part of an overall social change strategy is the key message of this practical guide for advocates available from Sage.


Op-eds: A Cost-Effective Strategy For Advocacy
Using editorial page pieces (op-eds) to frame public policy debate and lobby for social change is the centerpiece of this handbook for non-profit advocates and educators.

OFF LIMITS: A Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Manual
Creating "sexual harassment-free zones" in schools is the aim of this manual, which includes separate sub-sections for students, parents, teaching staff and school administrators.

Outcome Evaluation Strategies For Domestic Violence Programs
This guide provides instructions and sample outcome measures for domestic violence direct service programs to use in conducting program evaluations.


Person To Person Action Kit
This kit encourages individuals to use their personal experience to help a friend, family member, neighbor or co-worker escape from domestic violence, offering action ideas to get started.

Population Reports: Ending Violence Against Women
Links between gender-based violence and women's health are highlighted in this slender report packed with practical resources and information for health care professionals and students.


Rape Prevention Action Kit
Practical resources are combined with daring ad images and messages that challenge myths and stereotypes about sexual assault in this rich and provocative set of resource materials.

Raising Our Voices
This newsletter features stories on the struggles of women with disabilities around the world to be included in policy forums that address women's roles in economic development.

Responding To Abuse Against Women With Disabilities
This article emphasizes the need for health care workers to increase their knowledge and awareness of the unique forms of relationship abuse and risk factors that impact women with disabilities.


Sexuality Education For Children And Youth With Disabilities
This digest offers a wealth of practical advice and information to help parents and teachers guide teens with disabilities toward positive, healthy adult relationships.

Shifting The Paradigm
Speakers underscore the need to shift from treatment intervention to prevention as a long-term strategy for ending family violence in this modest yet hopeful video from Humboldt State University.

Special Project On Violence Against Women With Disabilities
This online bibliography provides information about and array of pamphlets, books, training manuals and other practical resources to help women with disabilities confront and challenge relationship abuse.

Stop The Violence, Break The Silence
This rich set of educational materials on preventing abuse of people with disabilities can be adapted for different purpose, such as running a disabled women’s support group or conducting cross-trainings for staff.


Teen Dating Violence Resource Manual
Survey and focus group data on teen dating violence are featured, along with descriptions of community-based youth programs, videos and other resources in this practical, how-to manual.

Teen Relationship Violence Prevention Action Kit
This compact kit for teens is packed with action ideas, quizzes, fact sheets and resources for detecting, addressing, and preventing teen dating violence.

Together Against Violence
Multiple forms of family violence; elder abuse, child abuse, dating violence, and spouse abuse are addressed in this easy-to-adapt kit with eye-catching black and white artwork.

Tough Guise: Violence, Media & The Crisis In Masculinity
A compelling documentary that illustrates with film clips and commentary how popular media images promoting mens violence as cool and heroic can negatively impact boys and men.

Article: "Transforming The Culture: Creating Safety, Equality And Justice For Women And Girls" - Found In "Preventing Violence In America, Issues in Children's and Families' Lives" Vol. 4
This journal article builds a compelling case for developing domestic violence prevention strategies that derive from a gender-based analysis.


Violence Against Native Women Is Not Traditional
Cultural values and history are respectfully highlighted in this set of resource materials designed to help end violence against women in Native American communities.


What Causes Men's Violence Against Women?
This thought-provoking book on causes of men's violence offers a broad research model and critiques by theorists arguing from biological, sociological and family systems perspectives.

Whose Perspective? - A Guide To Gender-Sensitive Analysis Of The Media
Produced by a women's media watch group in Jamaica, this guide offers all the materials needed to host a training workshop focused on challenging media images that perpetuate violence against women.

A Woman's Place
This inspiring video documents the efforts of three courageous leaders in South Africa, India, and Duluth, Minnesota to guarantee women's rights and protections under the law.

Working With Victims Of Crime With Disabilities
Recommendations from a symposium on improving the law enforcement response to crime victims with disabilities are reported in this newsletter, along with examples of promising practices in the field.

Worker To Worker Action Kit
A complete set of resource materials and ideas for addressing domestic violence as it impacts the workplace setting are included in this kit for employees and managers.


young asianz rising!
This innovative video project created by and for Asian/Pacific Islander youth explores teen perspectives on domestic violence, dating violence, harassment and sexual assault.

Young Men's Work
This curriculum package with video, guidebook, workbooks and posters encourages young men to confront and change restrictive masculine roles that condone aggression and violence.

Young Women's Lives
Designed as a program for groups of teenage girls, this curriculum package with video and handouts aims at helping young women overcome abuse and develop healthy relationships.

The Youth Relationships Manual
This manual offers a step-by-step series of group activities focused on helping youth build awareness about dating violence and organize an outreach event together.