Immersion Institutes

Our Approach to Leadership & Capacity Building
Since 1997, TC-TAT has conducted 16 Immersion Instiutes and hundreds of workshops on leadership for systems change, community mobilization, prevention, media advocacy, evaluation of social change efforts, organizing in faith communities, strategic alliances, sustainability and related topics.

TC-TAT's Immersion Institutes are designed to faciliate a peer learning community for participant teams of a decision-maker and community-based advocate who move forward through a dynamic learning process.  During the Institute, participants explore and integrate theory and practice and leave with a stronger toolkit of prevention approaches that can be customized to meet the needs of their communities and context. 

Most recently, TC-TAT designed the Leadership + Systems Change = Sustainability national pilot program to assess readiness and test best practices in leadership and collaboration related to violence against women systems change and faith partnerships.  This initiative was funded by the Office on Violence Against Women.

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Leadership+Systems Change=Sustainability: A summary report highlighting prevention advocates' stories, experiences, and community outcomes of this national pilot program.